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Regions in Mongolia

Mongolia is made up of 22 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Mongolia. Information on all primary administrative regions in Mongolia.

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Primary administrative regions in Mongolia

There are 22 regions in Mongolia in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Mongolia
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Arhangay Arhangay Aymag1.84,584Tsetserleg Tsetserleg5,876
Bayan-Olgiy Bayan-Ölgiy Aymag2.90,404OElgiy Ölgiy28,400
Bayanhongor Bayanhongor Aymag3.88,579Bayanhongor Bayanhongor26,252
Bulgan Bulgan4.65,729Bulgan Bulgan17,348
Central Aimak Töv Aymag5.102,009Dzuunmod Dzuunmod14,660
Darhan Uul Darhan-Uul Aymag6.90,478Darhan Darhan74,300
Dzabkhan Dzavhan Aymag7.90,655Uliastay Uliastay16,240
East Aimak Dornod Aymag8.77,928Choibalsan Choibalsan23
East Gobi Aymag Dornogovĭ Aymag9.53,282Saynshand Saynshand19,891
Govi-Altay Govĭ-Altay Aymag10.64,293Altai Altai15,800
Govi-Sumber Govĭ-Sumber11.12,884Choyr Choyr9,895
Hentiy Hentiy Aymag12.65,811Undurkhaan Undurkhaan14,723
Hovd Hovd13.91,165Khovd Khovd30,500
Hovsgol Hövsgöl Aymag14.124,512Murun-kuren Murun-kuren27,690
Middle Govi Dundgovĭ Aymag15.53,635Mandalgovi Mandalgovi15,430
OEmnoegovi Ömnögovi Province16.50,681Dalandzadgad Dalandzadgad15,093
OEvoerhangay Övörhangay Aymag17.101,314Arvayheer Arvayheer25,622
Orhon Orhon Aymag18.82,788Erdenet Erdenet79,647
Selenge Selenge Aymag19.97,585Suhbaatar Sühbaatar24,235
Suhbaatar Sühbaatar Aymag20.58,340Baruun-Urt Baruun-Urt15,805
Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar Hot21.844,818Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar844,818
Uvs Uvs Aymag22.92,676Ulaangom Ulaangom28,085