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Alphabetical index of places in Mongolia with OL

There are 17 places in Mongolia beginning with 'OL' (in alphabetical order).
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Oldoho Hiid   to   Olonteyn Dugang
Places in Mongolia with OL
Oldoho Hiid Oldoho Hiid1.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Oldzey Abagayn Jisa Öldzey Abagayn Jisa2.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Oldzey Delgerehe Suma Öldzey Delgerehe Suma3.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Oldzeyte Bulagiin Hiid Öldzeyte Bulagiin Hiid4.Govi-Altai Province Govi-Altai Province-
Oldzeyte Hural Öldzeyte Hural5.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Oldzeyte Nogoon Hiid Öldzeyte Nogoon Hiid6.Selenge Selenge-
Oldzeyteyn Horshoo Öldzeyteyn Horshoo7.Bayanhongor Bayanhongor-
Oldziyt Öldziyt8.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Oldziyt Öldziyt9.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Oldziyt Öldziyt10.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Ologey Hiid Ölögey Hiid11.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Olon Bayshing Olon Bayshing12.East Aimak East Aimak-
Olon Bulagiin Bayshing Olon Bulagiin Bayshing13.Bayanhongor Bayanhongor-
Olon Huryee Olon Hüryee14.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Olon Shandanii Jisa Olon Shandanii Jisa15.Central Aimak Central Aimak-
Olon Turagiin Dugang Olon Turagiin Dugang16.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Olonteyn Dugang Ölönteyn Dugang17.Selenge Selenge-

1 - 17 of 17 places