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Alphabetical index of places in Mongolia with HU

There are 50 places in Mongolia beginning with 'HU' (in alphabetical order).
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Hudagiin Hiid   to   Huytenii Jisa
Places in Mongolia with HU
Hudagiin Hiid Hudagiin Hiid1.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Hudagiin Hiid Hudagiin Hiid2.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Huderiin Hiid Hüderiin Hiid3.Selenge Selenge-
Hujirt Hujirt4.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Hujirt Hujirt5.Bayan-Olgiy Bayan-Ölgiy-
Hujirt Hujirt6.Bulgan Bulgan-
Hujirt Hujirt7.Central Aimak Central Aimak-
Hujirt Hujirt8.Hentiy Hentiy-
Hujirta Hujirta9.East Aimak East Aimak-
Hujirta Hujirta10.Selenge Selenge-
Hujirtayn Dugang Hujirtayn Dugang11.East Aimak East Aimak-
Hujirtayn Ortoo Hujirtayn Örtöö12.Govi-Altai Province Govi-Altai Province-
Hujirtayn Ortoo Hujirtayn Örtöö13.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Hujirtayn Sume Hujirtayn Süme14.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Hulasatayn Suma Hulasatayn Suma15.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Hulhatayn Huryee Hulhatayn Hüryee16.Dzabkhan Dzabkhan-
Hulstay Hulstay17.East Aimak East Aimak-
Hunda Hunda18.Selenge Selenge-
Hundelengiin Shuteen Hündelengiin Shüteen19.Hentiy Hentiy-
Hungiy Hungiy20.Dzabkhan Dzabkhan-
Hunhata-Ortoo Hunhata-Örtöö21.Uvs Province Uvs Province-
Hunt Hunt22.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Hunta Suma Hunta Suma23.East Aimak East Aimak-
Huntayn Haluun Usa Huntayn Haluun Usa24.Bulgan Bulgan-
Hunuyn Sume Hünüyn Süme25.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Huraiin Sume Huraiin Süme26.Hentiy Hentiy-
Huraliin Dugang Huraliin Dugang27.Central Aimak Central Aimak-
Huraliin Hiid Huraliin Hiid28.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Huremt Hüremt29.Bulgan Bulgan-
Huremt Hüremt30.OEvoerhangay Övörhangay-
Hurimiin Suma Hurimiin Suma31.Bayan-Olgiy Bayan-Ölgiy-
Hurimta Hurimta32.Central Aimak Central Aimak-
Hurtsa Lamaiin Subarga Hurtsa Lamaiin Subarga33.Hentiy Hentiy-
Huruutayn Hural Huruutayn Hural34.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Huryee Deresenii Ortoo Hüryee Deresenii Örtöö35.Uvs Province Uvs Province-
Huryee Hiid Hüryee Hiid36.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Hushaat Hushaat37.Selenge Selenge-
Hushuu Hiid Hushuu Hiid38.Middle Govi Middle Govĭ-
Hushuu Hural Hushuu Hural39.OEmnoegovi Ömnögovĭ-
Hushuu Sume Hushuu Süme40.East Aimak East Aimak-
Hutag Hutag41.Bulgan Bulgan-
Hutag-Uul Hutag-Uul42.East Gobi Aymag East Gobi Aymag-
Hutambaiin Bayshing Hutambaiin Bayshing43.Arkhangai Province Arkhangai Province-
Huurch Huurch44.Selenge Selenge-
Huyagt Huyagt45.Dzabkhan Dzabkhan-
Huyhaiin Jisaiin Hural Huyhaiin Jisaiin Hural46.Hentiy Hentiy-
Huyten Dugang Hüyten Dugang47.Darhan Uul Darhan Uul-
Huytenii Hiid Hüytenii Hiid48.OEvoerhangay Övörhangay-
Huytenii Hiid Hüytenii Hiid49.Suhbaatar Sühbaatar-
Huytenii Jisa Hüytenii Jisa50.Govi-Altai Province Govi-Altai Province-

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