Distances from Ulan Bator

Distances from Ulan Bator to the largest cities and places in Mongolia. Have a closer look at the distances from Ulan Bator to the largest places in Mongolia.

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Distances from Ulan Bator to the largest places in Mongolia
Dzuunmod Dzuunmod1.16,95323 km 14 mishow
Zuunmod Zuunmod2.16,95323 km 14 mishow
Dzuunharaa Dzüünharaa3.18,830110 km 68 mishow
Darhan Darhan4.83,883189 km 118 mishow
Ulaanhudag Ulaanhudag5.1,500190 km 118 mishow
Choyr Choyr6.10,434205 km 128 mishow
Erdenet Erdenet7.97,814242 km 150 mishow
Mandalgovi Mandalgovi8.12,339243 km 151 mishow
Suehbaatar Sühbaatar9.22,741263 km 164 mishow
Bulgan Bulgan10.17,348267 km 166 mishow
Altanbulag Altanbulag11.500270 km 168 mishow
Undurkhaan Undurkhaan12.22,741291 km 181 mishow
Kharkhorin Kharkhorin13.8,977316 km 196 mishow
Arvayheer Arvayheer14.29,420361 km 224 mishow
Tsetserleg Tsetserleg15.21,620410 km 255 mishow
Saynshand Saynshand16.19,891418 km 260 mishow
Tsengel Tsengel17.8,348474 km 294 mishow
Baruun-Urt Baruun-Urt18.18,190502 km 312 mishow
Bayanhongor Bayanhongor19.30,931505 km 314 mishow
Hovd Hovd20.27,924511 km 317 mishow
Dalandzadgad Dalandzadgad21.24,863519 km 323 mishow
Moeroen Mörön22.39,404529 km 329 mishow
Turt Turt23.2,140601 km 373 mishow
Tosontsengel Tosontsengel24.9,526643 km 400 mishow
Uliastay Uliastay25.16,265750 km 466 mishow
Altai Altai26.17,617822 km 511 mishow
Ulaangom Ulaangom27.30,0921,106 km 687 mishow
Khovd Khovd28.29,8001,135 km 705 mishow
OElgii Ölgii29.28,4001,253 km 779 mishow
Tsagaannuur Tsagaannuur30.2001,270 km 789 mishow

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